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Booking Express Travel Explores Cancun Vs Puerto Vallarta 

Puerto Vallarta and Cancun both have beautiful beaches, but Puerto Vallarta offers a more authentic Mexican experience explains Booking Express Travel. While both have excellent beaches, Puerto Vallarta is less commercialized than Cancun, so you will find fewer tourists. Both of these cities are great for families, with different attractions and experiences.

While Cancun has a great nightlife and many chain restaurants, Puerto Vallarta is a more relaxed and upscale resort town. There are several boutique hotels, excellent dining options, and beautiful beaches. In addition to the gorgeous beaches, Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by mountains and jungle.


Booking Express Travel suggests Cancun’s beaches are generally better, but it’s hard to compete with the beautiful Caribbean beaches in Puerto Vallarta. While Cancun has more beachfronts, there are many other things to do there as well. Both cities are home to a huge selection of shopping and dining options.

If you are a beach lover, you’ll love both Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. The beaches are both gorgeous and have incredibly soft white sand. The beaches are also relatively warm compared to other parts of Mexico. Even if you’re not a confident swimmer, you can always go swimming on one of these beautiful beaches.

Cancun has slightly higher crime rates than Puerto Vallarta. Although Cancun has better police presence, it’s still important to be aware of your surroundings while you are in both places. There are pickpockets and other criminals in both destinations. The best way to prevent these situations is to stay close to the tourist areas. The tourist areas in both locations are also staffed with police officers.

Booking Express Travel says Cancun is generally more expensive than Puerto Vallarta. The all-inclusive resorts in Cancun tend to cost more up front, but they also offer more transparency and don’t require guests to leave the resort. If you’re traveling on a tight budget, you can choose a boutique hotel or a cheap Airbnb. Although these aren’t the best choices for families, they’re still more affordable than Puerto Vallarta.

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