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How to Choose the Best Kettlebells For Home Workout

A kettlebell is a great piece of home gym equipment because it doesn’t take up much space and it can be used for many different exercises. It also adds resistance to workouts, which can help build muscle and boost bone strength as we age. However, there are some downsides to using one, especially if you’re new to weight training. Kettlebells can be a little tricky to lift, so it’s important to find one that is right for your body type.

The most important thing to look for is a best kettlebells for home workout, which is not just smooth but also durable. In addition, you should choose a model with a flat bottom, which allows for a secure grip. Also, check for a design that doesn’t have a sharp edge, which can scrape your palm during the overhead press.

You can also find kettlebells in minimalist, all-black designs. This style is easy to clean, as it won’t scratch or chip your flooring. Some models even come with a plastic stand, which makes them ideal for toning and strength-training.

Another feature to look for is a durable cast iron construction. Although some cheaper models are made from metal or plastic, these are not as sturdy as cast iron models. If you’re looking for a solid, long-lasting kettlebell that’s a great investment, consider a Pro Fitness kettlebell. These kettlebells are a solid cast iron model that offers hundreds of positive reviews.

One way to get a good grip on a kettlebell is to use a chalk. But be sure to choose a model with a handle large enough to support a wide variety of movements. Additionally, make sure the handles are flat, as round ones may dig into your forearms in the racked position.

Other features to look for include a rubber base, which prevents scratches to your floor. Kettlebells should also have a matte finish. This is ideal for grip, as it allows you to keep your hands from getting slippy when you sweat more.

Finally, it’s a good idea to choose a model that comes in different weights. For example, a 10-kilo model is the perfect size for a beginner, while a 50-pound bell is more suitable for an intermediate user. While you may want to start with a lighter bell, the more weights you add to your workout, the better your technique will become.

You might be tempted to pick up a set of TRX kettlebells, but they can take some getting used to. These are brightly coloured and easy to grip, but they aren’t always as comfortable as other types of weights. To counter this, some people prefer to wear training gloves.

The best kettlebells for home workouts aren’t necessarily the most expensive ones. There are plenty of affordable options on the market. Look for a handle that’s durable and smooth, a flat base, and a small weight that’s the right amount for you. That’s the most important step to take in choosing a quality kettlebell for your home gym.

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