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Choosing the Right Jeep Lift Kits

Jeep Lift Kits are a great way to raise the height of your SUV and improve its off-road capabilities. However, there are many different types of kits available, so it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

If you’re looking for a lift that provides a good amount of clearance without breaking the bank, we recommend considering the Rough Country 4.5″ Suspension Lift Kit. This lift kit for YJ and TJ models offers a range of heights, providing plenty of room for larger tires while also giving your Jeep a more aggressive appearance.

There are a few key factors that should guide you when it comes to choosing the best Jeep lift kit for your needs, including the type of Jeep you own and what you plan to use it for. These include performance and aesthetics, as well as how much you want to spend and the difficulty of installing the lift.

Body Lifts

A body lift is a popular option for adding a little extra height to your Jeep, but it isn’t the best choice for lifting if you’re serious about off-roading. This type of lift consists of coil spring spacers that are placed on top of the existing suspension.

Suspension Lifts

A suspension lift, on the other hand, involves adding longer coil springs to your Jeep’s suspension, allowing for up to two and a half inches of additional ground clearance. This kind of lift is a favorite for off-roaders, as it adds more articulation to the vehicle and gives it more clearance from rocks, dirt and other obstacles that might be on your route.

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