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Homeopathic Clinic

Homeopathic Clinic is a form of complementary medicine that uses substances from plants, minerals or animals to treat illness. The medicines are diluted and shaken repeatedly to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes.

Homeopathic doctors usually work in a holistic medical centre or own their own clinic. Their duties include monitoring patients and making treatment plans.

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease, meaning that your immune system mistakenly attacks your skin’s pigment. This results in flat areas of normal-feeling skin without any pigment, which can become more noticeable for people with darker skin tone, notes MedlinePlus.

It also causes a person to feel self-conscious, especially if it affects areas of the body that are visible. This can include the face, hands, arms and feet, and genitals.

Patients with vitiligo often suffer from a stigma that affects their mental health, notes the National Vitiligo Foundation. The stigma can lead to stress, depression or anxiety that could make the condition worse, and it may affect a person’s relationship with others.

Using homeopathy, patients can have long-lasting results and address the root cause of their vitiligo. This can also help to reduce recurrence rates.
Hair Loss

Hair loss, also called alopecia, is normal and occurs naturally as part of the body’s cycle. Loss of hair is typically caused by aging, but it can be hereditary and can occur in both men and women.

Homeopathy focuses on the root cause of the condition and cures the person internally rather than just treating the symptoms. The result is that the disease never comes back as it is addressed from within.

Whether it’s hereditary or a result of poor nutrition, dandruff, smoking, mental stress, PCOS or thyroid disorder, homeopathic medicines address the underlying cause and arrest hair fall.

The homeopathic doctor takes an in-depth review of your health status, temperament, personality, likes and dislikes before prescribing a course of homeopathic medicines. This is a customized treatment, which works on each individual and gives long-lasting results.
Skin Disorders

Skin diseases can have a major impact on an individual’s quality of life. These chronic conditions affect many aspects of a person’s daily living and can have serious psychological consequences.

These conditions can cause inflammation, itching, burning, rashes and acne, among other symptoms. They can also affect a person’s skin tone, texture and color.

Some skin disorders are hereditary, while others may result from a disease, like diabetes, or pregnancy. The sun can also cause some skin problems.
Mental Health

Mental health is an important part of the treatment of a homeopathic patient. There are a wide range of mental disorders and they can affect people in different ways, depending on their life situation. Some of the common symptoms include mood swings, irritability and feeling low.

In some cases, a person can suffer from anxiety or phobias. Antidepressants are often used to treat these disorders. However, a person may experience unwanted side effects from these drugs such as reduced sexual desire and inability to achieve an erection.

Homeopathy has proven to be effective in the treatment of depression. A homeopathic medicine such as Ignatia Amara can help a person suffering from this disorder. Another commonly prescribed remedy is Aurum metallicum which is generally prescribed for people with suicidal tendencies.

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